About Us, Our Guides, Our Porters, Our Cooks and the Cooking on Kilimanjaro

We're glad you're here! We're Uhuru Smiles, a small tour company operating in Tanzania and Rwanda, with our headquarters in Moshi town, Tanzania. We arrange professional, yet pocket friendly tours on Mount Kilimanjaro, Mount Meru, Mount Ol Doinyo Lengai, camping safaris, Mafia and Zanzibar beach holidays, as well as exciting Gorilla tours in Rwanda. We carefully select well trained guides, drivers, cooks and porters, and have a fleet of well-maintained 4 X 4 safari modified Land cruisers to offer you the best experience possible during your trip with us. Send us an e-mail, or give us a call on +255659756544, or inquire via WhatsApp on +255746827354, 'UHURU' means freedom/Liberty in Swahili.


Our Lead (Head) Guides 

Highly Qualified, Certified, and Friendly Guides that are Committed to Your Success. The coveted title of ‘mountain guide’ is not earned easily at Uhuru Smiles. Each of our guides began their journey as a porter - carrying necessary supplies up the mountain to ensure the success of climbers. On each trip, porters become more knowledgeable (and strong!) as they learn from the seasoned guides they climb with.

The guides of Uhuru Smiles are fluent in English. Our guides support our community - they lead our climbers safely, teach the other staff members about the mountain, and ensure the safety of all involved on the climb.

Our Assistant Guides 

Intelligent and professional assistant guides that diligently look after you along your way. Before they become head guides, all of our guides take the role of assistant guide on treks up the mountain. Our head guides are in charge of the safety of all our climbers and our team members while also mentoring assistant guides.

When head guides are busy taking care of the team, assistant guides will take the lead on the trail. Assistant guides will also perform daily health checks and respond in the case of an emergency.

Our Porters (Our Engine) 

Dedicated and Ambitious - Our porters work humbly and tirelessly to fulfill your needs. Without porters, Kilimanjaro treks would not be successful. These diligent hard workers carry the majority of supplies up the mountain, collect and boil water along the route, and cheer for you all along the way. Porters rise early to break down camp, hike at a swift pace, and set up at the next camp - all while you & other trekkers are slowly making your way up the mountain. These men and women ensure the comfort and ease of a trek for our climbers.

Your porters live for the climb - the most high-spirited of the crew, they are a steady source of joy on the mountain. You will be impressed by their strength and agile ability to climb up the mountain. Further by their capability to carry pack loads on their heads! On your last day on the mountain, your porters celebrate your journey with a rendition of ‘Jambo Bwana’. This catchy tune will have you singing it your whole flight home. Your journey to the summit of Uhuru Peak may be over (thanks to your supportive team), but you will remember the good times and new founded friendships forever.

Our Cooks (a.k.a The Marines)

The higher you climb, the more difficult a cook’s job becomes, for every 500 feet of elevation, the boiling point of water decreases by one degree Fahrenheit. It does not matter how much more you heat it, or for how long, boiling water at over 1000 meters of altitude will not brew a decent cup of tea. Everything takes longer to cook and presents different problems at different heights. At the last camp before the summit of Mount Kilimanjaro, a three-minute egg may take ten minutes to set and its water will boil off in the reduced air pressure, unless there is a tightly sealed lid. Fried food will burn outside and be uncooked within. Bread will rise twice as fast as usual, then fall and be heavy and gooey. The cook needs all his experience and ingenuity to work in decreasing air pressure at increasing altitude. He also needs to produce appetizing food for people who are tired and listless.We highly recommend that you bring some of your own trail snacks to eat especially for your summit night.