Covid-19 Pandemic & Current Info for the Entry into Tanzania, And What Measures We're Taking to Protect You & Our Staff, Both in the Office & in the Tour Field.

There is no ban on entry or quarantine on/after entry.

The following rules apply (source: Federal Foreign Office, Germany):

“”All travelers whose airline or country of departure requires a negative COVID 19 test result as a condition for departure must also present this test result on entry into Tanzania. Travelers from other countries who show COVID-19 symptoms will be subjected to an extended examination and if necessary a PCR test. A quarantine obligation no longer exists.

All persons should observe rules of distance and hygiene and wear face masks.”

PCR test certificate is no longer required by the Tanzanian side, unless it is already required by the customer’s departure country/airline. Special care should be taken if airlines / countries have their own guidelines and they may still require their customers to present these certificates.  It is best to coordinate with the airline in advance, as the request – as mentioned – is no longer from the Tanzanian side. The regulations for re-entry into the respective “home country” must also be observed.

Specifics Regarding COVID Testing While in Tanzania:

If you require a test to return home, tests are available at any time from a hospital in Moshi that is less than 1km from our office. The test results will be reported back 48 hours later. A test certificate will be issued and will be valid for another 72 hours. The cost of the test is Tsh 230,000/= (approximately $100 USD payable in Tanzanian shillings only). The price is the same whether you are a citizen or non citizen. Tests are given between 09:00 and 13:00 7 days a week including holidays.

Notes: Currently KLM flights that land in The Netherlands require all passengers to have a certificate verifying a negative test result. It has been announced that effective from 26 January 2021 all passengers arriving in the US will need a certificate verifying a negative test result.

And we at Uhuru Smiles along with fellow tour operators, hotel owners and travel agents in partnership with Moshi town local government we work together to ensure that all measures, rules and regulations that are in place for Covid-19 control are being taken seriously and well applied by our staff men and women in the office, and on the mountains, as well as on safari tours. We are well equipped and determined to see both our staff and clients (travelers) are safe from the time we collect you at the airport, and during the tour, and to the last minute we drop you back at the airport for your flight back home.

We wish you good health and safety and look forward to working for you.

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